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I don’t recall how I happened upon this page and its list of pedagogies. Probably I was nosing around for something or the other. Anyway, the page’s home is The Math and Science Partnership Network. (I had thought they were … Continue reading

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By law I cannot practice psychotherapy. So, I co-counsel, mentor, facilitate, ‘therapize’. This sends me into the vast, errr, not-really-therapy territories, many consultants, coaches, healers, and, spiritual mendicants/gurus/charlatans, are in. I’m a dialogic facilitator on a good day, and, on … Continue reading

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Another goldmine hiding out on the web. This time oriented around phenomenological-constructive psychology and coming out of The Virtual Faculty in New Zealand. The VF has a modest facade behind which lies enormous resources; for example: The Vysgotsky Project. I … Continue reading

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The essential humorous take on the evolution non-controversy has quickly passed into legendary status on the internet. Of course I’m speaking of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and its infinite creative unraveling as both parody and pastadigm. The Verganza site is … Continue reading

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I’ve been tracking the instigation of the Intelligent Design crowd in their play for attention in Dover v. Kitzmiller. The battle for the hearts and minds of impressionable high school science students seems to me to be no more than … Continue reading

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