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Susan received her refurb MacBook today. She saved $200 on, literally, last week’s Core Duo lineup, now that Apple has bumped the nifty notebooks to Core Duo 2. Well, once again, she’s got the faster computer after 8 years in the bridesmaid spot. (She might add here, ‘You’re still married to your Mac.’) Me? My sound designing demands an OS9 machine so my Mirror Door dual 1.25ghz isn’t headed upstairs into the Apple Museum (5 oldies stored there including an original Macintosh,) yet it does seem a MacBook Pro would restore my honor.

The MacBook, as many who don’t know, need to know, is about the sleekest bundle of software and hardware integration ever achieved in its form factor at its price, ($1,099 for the new white ones). Still, I really have no reason to, say, borrow her machine, except for. . .

iBooth. There’s a camera embedded in the upper edge of the screen’s frame. Neat.

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