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Mullah Nasrudin had obtained a part time gig as the agricultural adviser to the village. There wasn’t much to do but answer the queries of gardeners and farmers. One man was struggling with his lawn and, so, one day he knocked on Nasrudin’s door.

“My lawn is beautiful except for the pesky dandelions!”

Nasrudin stroked his beard and told the man, “Ahh, set your mower to lop off the heads of the weed!”

The man did so, and for a brief moment his lawn was dandelion free, but then it rained and there were more dandelions than ever. He returned for more advice.

Nasrudin, this time, told the man, “Well, you’ll have to pick each dandelion out one by one.”

The man did so over two arduous days. His lawn looked splendid except, one by one the dandelions popped back up. He returned for more advice.

Nasrudin, this time, suggested, “Ohh, but now you’ll have to burn each dandelion where they stand – roots and all.”

The man spent a week torching each dandelion, but, ended up burning up his entire lawn. He spent another week replanting his lawn and several weeks tending it. It came back greener than ever and then green mixed with yellow…dandelions!

Exasperated, the man knocked on Nasrudin’s door.

“Nothing has worked! What else can I do?”

Nasrudin eyed the man, “Yes! The last step is to love the dandelions!”

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