(Baxter & Dindla; 1987, 1990)

1. changing the external environment
2. communication
3. metacommunication
4. suppress metacommunication*
5. antisocial strategies; coercion
6. prosocial strategies**
7. ceremonies
8. spontaneity
9. togetherness
10. seeking, allowing autonomy
11. seeking outside help
12. other.***

From a nifty chapter, Relational Maintenance, in Close Relationships, Noller, Feeny, et al. Psychology Press, 2006.

This list has been slightly edited by yours truly.

* joined two terms for clarity
** note-prosocial strategies encompasses recognition, praise, positive estimation, and numerous other intentional categories of positive affectuality
*** Never saw this admission before in such a list!

With the caveat that the map isn’t the territory, and that all such factorizations are reductive, and that in being so they aren’t very descriptive of the actual synthesis found in praxis, this list has, for me, exceptional standalone value.

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