Usually a politically oriented posting is posted to Diggeracity, where I rant and rave to blow off steam. However, I offer a clipping of Dana Perrino, Deputy White House Press Secretary, addressing questions and follow-ups about this week’s odd assertion from the office of the Vice President that, in effect, the VP is in a constituionally favored position to opt out of oversight.

I’ve set in bold several parts of Perrino’s unintentionally humorous assaults on logic and language. Her attempt to explain is transcendently convoluted. (She’s not the brightest bulb on the block and this combines with what she is compelled–by her handlers–to force feed to the WH press.) Also, I’ve created several footnotes to clarify several points about the hidden agenda.

June 26; moved to DIGGERACITY <> Bold, Bald, Barking

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