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. . .something about the time when Americans gather to celebrate some birthday? Lessee, three days ago I went into the mall once but not to shop. Not pleasant. Today is Christmas and I’ve got a few creative projects to … Continue reading

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From a little-read but always amusing web site called, Intellectual Conservative. Article: Darwin’s Lapdog Thinks You’re an ID-iot! By Jeff Osonitsch Money quote: Johnson claims that ID is not scientific because “it predicts nothing, since it essentially states that everything … Continue reading

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Workers must no longer be considered as cost factors to be “compressed” or “rationalized” but as allies to be won. — …managers must forfeit their long-cherished and, at times abusive, privileges to move toward a new form of organization centered … Continue reading

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Gandy’s last paragraph trails a terrific, dare I suggest, essential, paper in urban Geo-Anthropology. Gandy is a Geographer. Under the twentieth-century discourses of scientific urbanism and technological modernism we find that the hydraulic conceptions of the modern city were extended … Continue reading

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Teaching Cartoon: True Story

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Utopian thought in general, and anarchist thought in particular, could be dismissed quite easily were it not for two factors. For one thing, as Moos and Brownstein (1977) pointed out, utopian solutions are now a necessity rather than a luxury. … Continue reading

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Photoshop montage compiled from unoriginal sources. This is part of a quinttych, entitled Digging Up and Down. It’s unassuming in its spot on the living room wall, given that to be viewed the viewer has to almost put their nose … Continue reading

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I rave to let off steam over at diggeracity. I will be capturing documentation and links both pointed and humorous about the astonishing candidacy of the very dangerous Rudylini. Meanwhile: It staggers the mind to imagine that anyone would support … Continue reading

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The stereotypes are of “real masculinity” being equated with domination, conquest, and control -and thus also with “heroic” male violence. And such sterotypes are essential for the maintenance of a top-down model of social organization.— She [Sally Helgesen] shows how … Continue reading

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