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I returned Monday from New Mexico. The service and wake for Jamie was spontaneous, soulful, and deeply moving. There was country rock, desert vistas, and Jamie’s karass. It was an event every bit as spiritually complex, and necessary, as the … Continue reading

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March, 1972; at the Cohen family’s ‘ranch.’ In 1997, at our 25th reunion, insisting to Jamie that the bar be set high, we worked to configure our relationship to be about who we both are, and not about what we … Continue reading

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On September 9th I published a post to celebrate two new artistic creations by my soul brother Jamie Cohen. Yesterday I received a call from my other soul brother David. He told me Jamie had passed away on September 11th. … Continue reading

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Teaching Story: Putting Your Head Together

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Jamie Cohen, musician, actor, writer, producer, artist, and was also a filmmaker our senior year, in 1971-72. We partnered to make a movie for our Cinema class project. It’s intent was to load up so much obscure symbolism that the … Continue reading

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Political question of the day: who is more experienced? Questioning the efficacy of experience begs the questions: “what is meant by experience; what are the relations of experience to capability; what–for you–are the optimal benefits of experience?” My informal surveys … Continue reading

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