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Sustainability, Systems Awareness, Eros

There are times when I compel myself to withhold an astringent critique. If I’m on the ball, I can figure out how to render a sweeter critique delicately, when the circumstances call for this. Tonight presented such an occasion. After … Continue reading

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Fetch the Sock Puppet

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Indelicate Perturbations

As it turns out–a delightful surprise–many of philosopher Joseph Agassi’s short essays are linked to his Wikipedia entry. Agassi, provided one of my most cherished reading forays many years ago, with his ironically (and also subtly,) titled collection The Gentle … Continue reading

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Lewis Black On Health

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c

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Negative Omega

[Liberalism] knows that an individual is nothing fixed, given ready-made. [Individuality] is something achieved, and achieved not in isolation but with the aid and support of conditions, cultural and physical–including in “cultural,” economic, legal and political institutions as well as … Continue reading

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Speech Recognition

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Practice of a Lifetime, Or, Useful tool?

Allow me to briefly sing the praises of the Integral model. Not in its pseudo-formalization given by Mr. Wilber ( but in its idiosyncratic and the decidedly ‘informalization,’ given by me. First, it is necessary to locate my move here … Continue reading

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Save the Planet

It doesn’t need saving. Earth will be here long after Homo Sapiens Sapiens has departed. Most likely it will teem with life for sometime–as in billions of years–after it no longer teems with us. This will be the case not … Continue reading

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Horny Head

…a completely out-of-context excerpt, first discovered on Deric Bownds’s truly excellent Mind Blog. Take note Dr. Bownds wrote a textbook Biology of the Mind (Wiley) and made it available online. Promiscuous interfaces Humans have unique creative capacities and problem-solving abilities, … Continue reading

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Teaching Cartoon: Paranormal

Story from The Pleasantries of the Incredible Mulla Nasrudin, (Idries Shah.) h/t Max Cannon’s cartoon franework Build Your Own Meat.

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Web Generated Art – “Foot Steps”

Gambling Genius Epiphany I. click on images for large version – More ‘original’ web generated art from the Galanis generator. ‘Original’ is qualified: this is my art but its only due to the willingness to appropriate, my intuition, patience, and … Continue reading

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Perfect Sense

So, Yes Kids probably don’t know what they’re saying, and we, we’re one shy of all the stepchildren it took to get here. In odder moments we’d contemplate the swathe of water leading to the horizon and pretend it was … Continue reading

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Denying the “Other”

The present day shows with appalling clarity how little able people are to let the other man’s argument count, although this capacity is a fundamental and indispensable condition for any human community. Everyone who proposes to come to terms with … Continue reading

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Full Circle

Not my brightest idea: configuring an 8 string pedal steel guitar to a straight pentatonic tuning. Think of it this way: one can finger pick pentatonic patterns vertically, but once you move to another fret you move to a different … Continue reading

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Down from The Wall

Back in the eighties, I was working the front, retail, lines of the record business, managing a record department in the back of a book store in Middlebury, Vermont, home to Middlebury College. I was a long haired jazzer, whose … Continue reading

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Big Picture Maturation

“It is not the incarnate Sophia’s role to bind or connect us to the earth, but to help us recognize that our understanding of ourselves as separate from the earth is a delusion.” Henri Corbin discovered in the article, SOPHIA … Continue reading

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Anthropology Carnival #70

Heads up, ye sapiens sapiens: @afarensis99 – Four Stone Hearth Volume 70. Field reports to follow…

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