A Good Example of Transformative Anthropology

A Man Walks Into a Pub

Well, hops- he only had one leg.

A man who had his leg amputated when he was 29 after a benign tumour was removed was in the process of saving up forty grand to buy a “bionic” one he had read about in America. Now 42 and not having saved anywhere near the amount he needed, he popped into his local for a pint, where he met another chap, also enjoying a beer.

Luckily though, the second man was a surgeon who specialised in fitting the computer-controlled limbs, and he mentioned he had a spare leg and could fit it for free. Which he did. 


Posted by Karter, September 30, 2008 @ k’telontour blog

Comment–good example of a phenomena of what I term transformative anthropology. (This is ill-named, but I’m sticking with it for the time being.)

A phenomena of this kind is described as exemplifying the initiation of a dramatic and lasting change in a person’s life for which happenstance is a necessary feature.

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2 Responses to A Good Example of Transformative Anthropology

  1. Happenstance? I don’t think so. This is definitely transformative activity indeed. I would look at this as a step on the heroic journey where one gets a needed gift in order to go to the next leg (no groans, please) of the journey.

  2. hoon says:

    Robert, you’d have to sketch out the mechanism for it not being happenstance.

    Then, if you were able to do so, I’d consider how it is necessarily ramified.

    Since I know of zero evidence in favor of any facts contrary of happenstance, I would be open to learning about such evidence.

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