God-fearing populace of California

excerpt, Interview with John Marcotte, Author of the 2010 California Protection of Marriage Act @cockeyed.com

Rob Cockerham: John Marcotte. You’ve filed a petition with the Secretary of State, in an effort to get a voter’s initative on the California 2010 ballot.

John Marcotte: Yes. Filed the paperwork on September 1. It’s the “2010 California Marriage Protection Act.” I am trying to ban divorce in the state of California.

RC: Ok. So your act, if it became law, would make marriage undissolvable.

John: Exactly. The only exception would be if the marriage was “voidable” — if you married an 8-year-old, you don’t get to keep her. She goes back on the shelf. You can’t marry the mentally incapacitated, etc.

RC: Ah, ok, so most normal marriages would be irreversible.

John: 99.99% of all marriages would be set in stone. It’s a return to traditional values.

By all means check out the web site, rescuemarriage.org. Is it within the realm of possibility Marcotte is actually doing performance art?

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