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Transformative Anthropology – update on project

draft view of some of the nodes of transformative anthropology–click for lightbox enlargement I’m sorting out the turning point, concerned with the presentation of my main research focus in the open-source of the web. The first step was to create … Continue reading

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Spiritual Materialism

(click for lightbox enlargement)

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Almost Envy

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Urban Integralism

(moved from -pages-) excerpted from Integral Urbanism by Nan Ellin. Originally posted on February 6, 2009. (from the Introduction) In Western society, generally, we are witnessing a gradual reorientation toward valuing slowness, simplicity, sincerity, spirituality, and sustainability in an attempt … Continue reading

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The Da Wilber Code

Barry, a psychologist, has on his blog created a fantasy about a conversation between new age gurus Ken Wilber and Andrew Cohen. It’s short and strikes the bullseye, and, is very very funny. Great timing too because Barry’s parody is … Continue reading

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Quinttych – Worship At the Beginning

Worship At the Beginning Sorting computer files, I found the last part of my five part assemblage. Here’s the full piece. If you click on it it will open up a lightbox enlargement. (The close-button is in the lower right.) … Continue reading

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Gold Men Sex

The Man Who Crashed the World by Michael Lewis. Toward the end of 2005, Cassano promoted Al Frost, then went looking for someone to replace him as the ambassador to Wall Street’s subprime-mortgage-bond desks. As a smart quant who understood … Continue reading

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The Health of Money

The God In the Machine, Lewis H. Lapham, Lapham’s Quarterly, V.II,No.3 President Barack Obama during his first months in office seldom has missed a chance to liken the country’s healthcare system to an unburied corpse, which, if left lying around … Continue reading

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Abe Lincoln & Edmund Burke Rolled In Their Graves—“Not a web site but a platform!” said Michael ‘How did I get this job?’ Steele. Well, head on over! It seems a no brainer in more ways than one to go check out the new citadel of conservatism, GOP.COM. … Continue reading

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Where There?

I’m mostly in the camp (in meta-psychology,) of Jerry Fodor, Although, broadly speaking of my own prejudices, whether the subject is folk psychology, theory of mind, or experimental philosophy, I’m also old-fashioned, so William James is evoked whenever I’m digging … Continue reading

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The Sweat Lodge of World Transformation

Scary, but also worth a read: For Some Seeking Rebirth, Sweat Lodge Was End John Doughtery – New York Times: October 21, 2009 The story summarizes the horrific manslaughter that resulted from a sweat lodge conducted by new age con … Continue reading

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If You Can’t Have Everything

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Happy 75th Abdullah!

Roughly in this picture of the two of us, Abdullah Ibrahim is the age I am now. Twenty years ago, on the sidewalk in Middlebury, Vermont. Although we’re no longer in touch*, my beloved friend Abdullah Ibrahim, turn 75 today. … Continue reading

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Do Particles Bounce?

Deepak Chopra, the new age maven, regularly contributes to the Huffington Post. Today, he starts out with this: I. This year, the world celebrated Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday. But now that all the backslapping is nearing an end, it may … Continue reading

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Lunar Times

The shadow is not the whole of the unconscious personality. It represents unknown or little-known attributes and qualities of the ego-aspects that mostly belong to the personal sphere and that could just as well be con- scious. In some aspects, … Continue reading

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I Love Ardi

Huge news in the field of paleoanthropology: in an unprecedented publication of eleven papers in Science, researchers will release today the fruits of 15 years of investigation of fossil remains, including much of a skeleton of Ardipithecus Ramidus. Evidently, the … Continue reading

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