Future Directions

Future Directions & a Linkroll Bloodbath

The squareONE web site, of which the Explorations is a kind of adjunct publication, is to be redesigned around WordPress in early 2010. (Actually I’m right now reconfiguring the layout to incorporate various WP loops so as to utilize the CMS potential of WordPress.) This will likely impact the blog’s direction.

Meanwhile, I ran the linkroll through a link-checker and the results were initially disturbing, later–not surprising. About 50% of the links have perished. Again, it’s very likely the linkroll will shrink to its key category, Friends & Like-minded. Adult Learning, Psychology, and Anthropology will migrate to the regular web site. I’ve already sopped updating the Transformative Tools blog; it will migrate too. Rhythm River will migrate and be integrated. Leaving only my studio blog, nogutsglorystudios.

After this “re-structuring” is ready for prime time, I’ll be working on the Transformative Anthropology video. Hopefully, some new initiatives will come to fruition too.

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