Mechanical Kitsch, or some new frontier?

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These are screen captures from Leonardo Solaas‘s Dreamlines.

Dreamlines is an art generator that uses search terms entered by the user.

Over at nogutsnoglory studios I have melded a 20 minute ‘generation’ with an outtake from recording sessions done for the Kamelmauz recording last year, Slidemare. There you will find a little more explanation about the specifics of the video, titled Quark.

Since the creative instigation is a simple user input and the animated product manifests as a result of visionary programming, lots of questions are raised about the status of the ensuing art. The instigator doesn’t earn much credit, except it’s up to the instigator to capture or otherwise appropriate the product. Otherwise the results are truly ephemeral.

The captures above, and the video too, are forms of mechanical-graphical kitsch. Still, if you operate Solaas’s generator you may find yourself wanting to retain what appears to be artistic ‘production.’

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