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Majority Rules

I believe the Republicans when they say they are confident that by 2012, the march off socialism will come to the end of its road, and, that they’ll be able to repeal and replace the Health Care bill. Wait, I’m guessing if they ever get the chance, they’ll repeal and not replace it. So, we’ll be returned to an amplification of the death-making socialization of risk and privatization of profits.

Ha! Not bloody likely. What amazes me is that no Republican has walked away from his own government health insurance and other bennies paid for by you and me. It’s a weird set-up too because unlike a company where managers and employees each participate in company health plans, congresspersons who work for, and serve, the American people get health coverage as our so-to-speak employees, whereas, until now, millions of their bosses–we, the people–didn’t enjoy the same benefit.

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