When the Film Is Rolling…

From NewLeftMedia.

In the comments to the B-roll, a youtube commenter wrote:

And the cherry picking on the left just keeps on rolling. Excellent editing skills. Bring the fringe elements and the ones incapable of coherently articulating an argument to the forefront and then keep harping on the notion that they’re all morons, racists, and terrorists. I admire your propaganda skills NewLeftMedia. Goebbels would be proud of how effective you are demonizing a legitimate element of society with legitimate concerns about taxation and the growing discontent of the governed.

If you go to the Tea Party web sites and peruse their hand-selected videos, you won’t find any thorough coherent articulations. Given that I’m familiar with several of the basic arguments for minimal taxation and elimination of all social and corporate welfare (handouts,) it would be enough to see memorably acute arguments videotaped and presented somewhere on Tea Party Planet. I’d post the video, and offer comments in agreement and disagreement.

Otherwise, I’m left with abject mash-ups, with their not-so-hidden desire for ‘patriotic’ compliance at the end of what is expressed in terms of a Manichaean struggle for the soul of America–where the the ‘Tea Party Patriotic’ version of America’s soul is supposed to ‘win out.’ (*)

Mash-ups like this one:

I continue to wait for the appearance of the something like a ‘best’ appeal this legitimate element has to offer.

The Tea Party movement seems almost completely befuddled by early American history.

A question I’d pose to a Tea Party Patriot is:

What could you tell me about how specific values and principles and ideas were contested among various founders, and how this eventually came to be temporarily played out in the election of Thomas Jefferson as the third President of the United States of America?

just sayin’…

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