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Open eyes and own the civic space

Term it the Observer Paradigm. It’s multiplying. Fathership: Lakewood Observer Lakewood, Ohio Progeny: The Heights Observer Cleveland & University Heights, ohio Parma Observer Parma, Ohio Collinwood Observer Collinwood in Cleveland, Ohio Euclid Observer Euclid, Ohio soon (?) University Circle Observer, … Continue reading

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Why not open source the integral movement?

Visit Integral Life, the main outpost for the Ken Wilberian revolution, and see how new age it’s become. (Integral Life is the leader of the deep lifestyle movement, helping people live more free and whole lives using integral philosophy, the … Continue reading

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Crazy Coincidence

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c

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And, so it ends, and if one is feeling not very charitable, it did so in ignominy. There was something inexplicable in watching the Cavaliers scramble to catch up, rather than control their on-court destiny. Is it possible they underestimated … Continue reading

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Mining Under the Common Ground

Separate truths It is misleading — and dangerous — to think that religions are different paths to the same wisdom [excerpt April 25, 2010] Of course, those who claim that the world’s religions are different paths up the same … Continue reading

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There’s a First Time for Everything

Cavs coach Mike Brown goes giddy in trying to get from reflecting on Mo William’s shocking dunk and saying something about it. There are few pleasures more engrossing on the morning after a Cavs win, than reading the opponent’s homer … Continue reading

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