Joanne Kyger – Credit Where Credit Is Due

Poet Joanne Kyger

Joanne Kyger lecture on the poet as historical investigator. (July 16, 1986) (


Into the party, with engraved invitations, I am bored when
I realize the champagne in the decrepit bowl is going to get
filled up a lot. Well then, on the greens in front of the
Mansion are walking Tom Clark and Ted Berrigan, what chums!
Do you think I could possibly fall in step, as they turn same
to far flung university on horizon, gleaming. You bet your
life not. The trouble, says Ted, with you Joanne, is that
you’re not intelligent enough.

reprinted from All This Every Day, Big Sky, 1975

(from Kyger at Electronic Poetry Center)

Context: To Be Jack Spicer In a Dream (Jacket magazine)

Lunch Poems, UC Berkeley.

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