Free Play turn out

How about this? All summer long the unpredictable weather has conspired to make weekly turnout for our Sunday morning pick-up league–now in its 25th year–as unpredictable as the weather. This last Sunday, overcast, humid, with t-storms in the forecast, eighteen of the free play brethren showed up. This was, something like, the fourth time this season we had enough at game time to populate all the positions.

On the other hand, well, on my writing-the-line-up out hand, I unintentionally configured an awesome and grim rout, in which the score reached 20-0 by the end of the fiftth inning. Really, if not truly, the teams seemed even on the scoresheet, but I didn’t realize my weekly goal of a close game–unless you count the tally over the last three inning, 6-5.

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