Free Play Bon Voyage

Dave Kolb
Dave Kolb, founder of Free Play Softball, playing his last game of the 21st (?) season, before heading off to Hawaii for 7 months. Dave’s got a sweet, flat economical swing he’s been working on for sometime now.

In my ten years in the Free Play Softball ‘experience,’ we’ve played twice into the middle of November, and one of those times even played in December once. This November has been sweet after a very soggy spring and summer, in which there we were rained out five times.

After the game, Dave presented Mark Jr. with the archive of scoresheets from the league’s history. He showed us what he thought were the earliest ones, and spoke of their era by noting “Well, these are not the earliest games because for a few years we didn’t keep score.” Butn the sheet o early scores didn’t look like any scoresheet I’d seen for a scratch, pick-up softball game. The sheet was delightfully inscrutable and mystical-looking.

free play roster

Last game of the season? We’ll see.

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