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Teaching Cartoon: My Knack

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Object Lesson in Public Lunacy

One of the interesting features of our contemporary media culture is that groups of (what may be called) very serious people are convened to publicize their willful and shameless individual effort to pretend absolutely no one in the audience can … Continue reading

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Contemplation on Scale

Scale of the Universe Partition a half hour out of your striving and dig this…by far the most humbling experience the inter tubes have provided me.

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What happens sometimes is start a post and then don’t wrap it up and then its time ends up having gone by. Kaput. So it was with a post on Rich Santorum. He interested me because of his arch way … Continue reading

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Teaching Cartoon: Name In Time

As I’ve mentioned before, only Charles Schultz is in Dik Browne‘s league as a creator of crystalline teaching cartoons. This example is subtle and squares a handy comeback with a didactic undercurrent.

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Sonny is coming up on five months. My niece was visiting and offered that he’s might have some Maine Coon cat in him. He is very lean, very fast, very kinetic, very friendly, and he can climb stuff like a … Continue reading

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Predicting Iran’s Future

One day Rabi’a needed a piece of cloth, so she gave a man three silver coins to buy one. After he’d already started his way, he turned back. “My lady,” he said, “I forgot to ask: what color do you … Continue reading

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More Photo Dada

Meeting the Queen of the Universe – scalhoun 2012 Self-portrait, then Photobooth, Photoshop, on OSX. Part of the series of visual jokes. Susan doesn’t like the precursor in this very short series, so I have to figure out where to … Continue reading

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Close Encounter

Sperm Whale Encounter from Howard Hall on Vimeo. h/t Howard Hall

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