ARK: Totem In Yellow, Untitled Abstract, plus meta manipulations


Totem In Yellow - 2012

This piece started with this source ARK, (appropriated Random Kitsch.) Then two different parts were captured, manipulated in Photoshop and finally one selection was manipulated in Photo FX Pro.

Untitled Abstract #1 (2012)

Meta Left, Untitled Abstract #1 (2012)

Meta Right, Untitled Abstract #1 (2012)

screen shot of screen capture; so: ‘meta’

Untitled Abstract #1 Mosaic

my naive art (archive)


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Stephen Calhoun

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Outsider researcher, experiential guide, naive musician and artist. "My beliefs are unbelievable!" (P.Krassner) "Follow the perfume, not the tracks." (Shams)
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