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Oblong Industries

Gestural Control

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Chalk ICD (Improvised Creative Device)

artist David Zinn (more); used without permission h/t Good.Is The Chalk Bomber of Ann Arbor  

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Teaching Cartoon: Treasure

 “We saw with certainty that it is love (which is) hidden, So we became bared because of such as this (which is) hidden.” Rumi, Q.1612, tr. Gamard & Farhadi  

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Kofa In, Kolb in Hawaii

Set-up for autumn play with home plate where 2nd base is; looking north. Kolb leaves for Hawaii and Kofa shows up for the second time this season. Go figure but once a Freeplayer, always a Freeplayer.

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Notes on synchronicity and creativity, friendship, sustainability, and, an amplification of parts multiplying the whole; plus Elvis

SCalhoun, 2012, The Transcendent Function The process of coming to terms with the unconscious is a true labor, a work which involves both action and suffering. It has been named the “transcendent function” because it represents a function based on … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Light


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The Rush, 2 Versions

2012 S.Calhoun – The Rush version 3a 2012 S.Calhoun – The Rush version 2 …still working this one out through different permutations. Incidentally, version 2 comes after version 3a. I’m not spending much time in any concentrated creative zone, but … Continue reading

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Just Sayin’

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Untitled Text Study (2004)

2004 (&2012) S. Calhoun bote – lo-fi!

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The New Age

Ok, the old age: (New Yorker; August 27, 2012)

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Faster Than Jeebus

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Go Back

hat tips: Eclectablog and the absolutely essential Subverting Subverting the Genre

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Kizzy & Glori, and an Update

Kizzy and Glori, on the bed, and, their being still, in such close proximity, makes this a rare shot. Lots happening…Susan and I are searching for a house; I’m still remediating vinyl records and packing compact discs after the great … Continue reading

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Before packing up 18,000+ records and discs, and, after emptying out the basement record library, prior to the excellent Pure-O-Clean coming in to remove the Pergo. I’m still sorting out the damage from the August water tank leak. It is … Continue reading

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