All Time Best Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookie

Received this at Hunan On Coventry as the capper to dinner on Saturday.

This is, without a doubt, the best fortune-in-a-cookie I’ve ever been gifted with, but, I do not remember any of the competition. I suppose it would be better to say that this is the most memorable!

As an example of (what I term) fortuitous information, these pithy three words are fit to the subject, (ummm, me,) in an obvious way: being among the least despairing of persons, this points in the direction of sublimated reasons to be despairing, buried despair. Maybe even criminal is subtly antimonial, or inverted, in which case it obtains a kind of zen quality; despair when despairing, don’t do so when not despairing.

On its surface this Saturday night delivery is at least ironic!



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