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I’d Participate

Role-playing is fine. I’d prefer the cooking role. h/t Subverting Subverting the Genre blog, one of a family of very humorous blogs. Meanwhile, there is a genre I’d call unintentional subversion. So, bonus: The Centrifuge Brain Project from Till Nowak … Continue reading

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Teaching Cartoons – at the chalkboard

magical thinking instrumental thinking This pair features two different approaches and their juxtaposition earns them a possible place in the curriculum of the teaching cartoon. Is the first cartoon’s stance unintentionally ironic, given that it states the math class is … Continue reading

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The Walls

Graph Celestial Stage Head’s Up A selection of my visual experiments are now present on the walls of the front stairs, of the second floor hallway, finally, on the walls of the stairs to the new creative cave. This is … Continue reading

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Crawling Into 2013

It’s six weeks after our move, and I’m sensing in myself small urges to publish stuff on the Explorations Blog. Probably, on some morning in the near future, I will climb the stairs into the new third floor studio-in-progress, sit … Continue reading

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