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Google Glass Chamber Music Mix

Alexander Chen

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Scrappers Edge Freeplayers 6-5!

April 28. Day Two of season twenty-seven. 9:45am, Field #8, Forest Hills Park, Cleveland Heights, Ohio? Drizzling. Then a busload of 9-11 year old boys and their minders unload and inform us they have a permit for the hallowed field … Continue reading

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Painting on a Pad

h/t iPad Creative Blog. The IPad Creative Flickr group has lots of wonderful ‘way cool’ creations.

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The Adolescence of the Tubes

I loves me some cats fer sure.

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Gods of the Abstract Social

Several years ago I heard an introductory presentation by a retired sociologist. He spent a half hour presenting basics so he could frame a further argument about politics in a small city. The problem of introducing sociology is impressive to … Continue reading

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Twenty Six Zeroes! The Oldest Sound

Via Mashable, in turn via technewsdaily, in turn referencing the source, Professor John G. Taylor, Department of Physics, University of Washington, the 2013 Planck Version of The Sound of the Big Bang. Scroll down his page for explanation. Key point … Continue reading

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Rep ‘n’ learnin’

Dependency relations between phenomena can be very complex. In much of life, dependencies are conditional and probabilistic: If I put a fresh worm on the hook, and if it is early afternoon, then very probably I will catch a trout … Continue reading

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Ding Dong

Do you know what I mean when I speak of a person who spouts something stupid and/or idiotic, and, remarkably, does so as if the sheer twin forces of their sincerity and belief might convert this ‘something’ into a something … Continue reading

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