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Our new neighbor on the south side asked me over the fence why I liked to garden and I told her it’s not appreciably less absorbing than the sonic and visual worlds of creativity I’m devoted to. The new landscape … Continue reading

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Work In Progress: The Problem of Peace In the Context of Religions

I avoid–usually–top heavy titles for my creative experiments. However, in this case the piece resonated with a recollection and so the new title actually would title this recollection too. I’ve recently been printing dye giclée proofs on inappropriate paper stocks. … Continue reading

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Teaching Cartoon: Secret of a Long Life

In fact, it is only recently that most people survive long enough to encounter the unique maladies that “show up” in the territory of the long-lived. The Evolution of Human Longevity from the Mesolithic to the Middle Ages: An Analysis … Continue reading

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Sitting On the Bay

This line-up is rare: Sonny, Kizzy, Sassy and Glory. Lots of window opportunities abound even if the bay window looks out upon the bird feeder hanging from the crab apple. Spring is a special time for indoor cats.

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Free Play Means Free Plus Play

Free Play Softball league – tag – all historical posts Findings – The case study suggests that play in a ludic learning space can promote deep learning in the intellectual, physical, spiritual, and moral realms. The capacity for such integrated … Continue reading

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ARK Pieces; and About Process

Mythic Figure; 19×13″ for dye print; part of series of experiments in symmetry (2013) Mythic Figure – detail of symmetry Gardening the Universe (2013) 24×16″ proof for giclee. Large piece. Source is captured generative frames, so, by my definition Appropriated … Continue reading

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