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Free Play july 7

I’m taking the photo, so we added up to 22 free play players Sunday. Six new players have joined us. Yes! For the second week in a row Mark Jr. and I picked teams in schoolyard fashion. Unlike last week’s one run game, this tilted intensely in the last two innings. Mark and I debriefed our disparate picking strategies after the game and he saw the risk involved in putting four brawny first basemen on his team.

In row two, fourth player in is Vincent. He is eleven. Without any comment he is being allowed to play even if he’s a few year’s shy of the lower age limit. He’s around forty years shy of the average age of our participants! He made the play of the game at second base, backhanding a looping drive while moving to his left. It occurred to me he may well be our most serious player. He’s the only one of us who has a chance to make the big leagues.

Our average age, Vincent, and my appreciation of Richard Thompson compel me to end on a musical note. (Free Play Softball league: Sundays, 9:45am, Field #8, Forest Hills Park, Cleveland Heights, Ohio.)

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