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The Approach-a-tron

Working name for new squareONE tool is The Approach-a-tron. It’s named so because it could be used to jiggle and juggle around a person’s approach to something or another. [QT: 640 480] I found the spinning cubes at a garage … Continue reading

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Door In Wall versions

Works in Progress – August 2013 – 11×14

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  Nasruddin sometimes took people for trips in his boat.One day a fussy pedagogue hired him to ferry him across a very wide river. As soon as they were afloat the scholar asked whether it was going to be rough. … Continue reading

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Free Play String Continues

I maintain the Free Play Softball ‘league’ is enjoying the greatest string of great weather I’ve seen in the twelve years I’ve been playing; that is playing as we do every Sunday at Field #8, Forest Hills Park, Cleveland Heights, … Continue reading

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Of Cats & Flowers

As the cat climbed over the top of the jamcloset first the right forefoot carefully then the hind stepped down into the pit of the empty flower pot Poem (As the cat) by William Carlos Williams Petunias rock.     … Continue reading

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Sathima Bea Benjamin 1936-2013, African Songbird

After negotiating a very short hallway, Abdullah Ibrahim and Sathima Bea Benjamin‘s suite at the Chelsea Hotel opened up to a living room with a window, and off to the left a small table mediated the entryway to the small … Continue reading

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2 Teaching Cartoons On Questioning

In short, questions in biology of a ‘How?’ nature need more than genetics and frequently more than a reductionist approach. If nature is at all economical (and we have good reason to believe that this is usually so), we can … Continue reading

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And, we do the math for you too

4 divided by 2,789 = 0.0014342058 (via’s iPad app) Permanently attached to the sidebar of the explorations blog is a link to Cary Huang’s interactive graphic about the scale of the universe. It captures another, humbling, dimension and is described … Continue reading

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Visual Experiment – work flow example

Every now and then I get delightfully bogged down in generating iterations, each such ‘option’ based in the original source. In the appropriated random kitsch series of visual experiments, the source is a captured video frame from a generative series … Continue reading

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Now You See It, Next You Don’t

English Philosopher George Berkeley (1685-1753) A youtube user, Gottfried Leibniz, comments below this video, “Yet another video on YouTube from an intro to philosophy class where the students deem it necessary to use ‘rap/homie talk’ to make their presentation seem … Continue reading

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Social En-Light-enment

via Create Digital Motion Visualism – A new art Form is exemplified in this installation by Jake Snider. Pixels and vectors aside, visualism is work in light. And so, it’s refreshing to see work as direct and evocative as that … Continue reading

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Social Reflex

Here’s a decent very short treatment: Constructivism and Constructionism My own sense for my own purposes starts with this premise: individuals differentially embrace unique, or social, or normative, or pragmatic, or heuristically derived, (etc.,) constructs in accordance with the situation … Continue reading

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One Man Band

Susan took this photo with her iPhone inside Nashville’s Antique Archaeology. I’m a casual garage sale “picker,” and just yesterday I came across the first picker’s delight garage sale of the season. By this I mean a jumbo sale so … Continue reading

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Starry Nights (app)

Starry Night (interactive animation) for iPad and iPhone from Petros Vrellis on Vimeo. Starry Night app @ iTunes

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The Cutting Edge of Power Politics, Jim Crow-style

The package would take effect in 2016. It requires voters to present government-issued photo IDs at the polls and shortens early voting by a week, from 17 days to 10. It also ends same-day registration, requiring voters to register, update … Continue reading

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Susan is in Nashville for work. She said she would send me photos that I might dig. Thanks, honey! These are cool. Here’s Connie Britton and Charlie Esten performing as themselves in a sweet meta moment touching upon their network, … Continue reading

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Bayesian Aesthetics, oh, and Play

On Sunday we enjoyed an iconic Free Play Softball League contest. Perfect weather greeted us. The home team won on what surely was the first walk-off two run, two RBI sacrifice fly. It was hit by John. He was making … Continue reading

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The Genius of Idiocy

(From this article:) So where should the Republican Party go from here? How about trying to have a conversation with the middle class? What about talking about the need for better jobs at better wages? Why not? Why not? For … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget

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Psychology einhundertein

Why Freud Still Matters, When He Was Wrong About Almost Everything io9 George Dvorsky does a good job in his short article aiming to review Freud’s contribution to psychology. Some of the comments are interesting too. Sigmund Freud Speaks: The … Continue reading

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