Visual Experiment – work flow example

work flow example

Every now and then I get delightfully bogged down in generating iterations, each such ‘option’ based in the original source. In the appropriated random kitsch series of visual experiments, the source is a captured video frame from a generative series of founding iterations. In the majority of experiments I have a good idea of in which direction the post-processing shall proceed.

Sometimes I find myself in a dedicated trial-and-error mode in photoshop or using the quartz filters built into OSX and the iterations pile up!

The image captures some of the options for a recent work-in-progress. Iteration 4* represents the possible breakthrough at which things get interesting. Because my visual experiments are intentionally deeply inflected by a factor of fortuity, when the work flow causes an outpouring of possibilities, I’m looking for an iteration to capture my spontaneous interest.

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