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Interesting Times

“Buying and Selling is an Art, whereby people endeavour to cheat one another of the Land…….and true Religion is, To let every one enjoy it.” Gerrard Winstanley A New-yeers Gift for the Parliament and Armie 1650 (I’d be a Bernie … Continue reading

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Steampunk (Bonus: Dillard & Clark)

Steampunk Examples at Instructibles Guides steampunk Steampunk is a subgenre of speculative fiction, usually set in an anachronistic Victorian or quasi-Victorian alternate history setting. It could be described by the slogan “What the past would look like if the future … Continue reading

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Me and Me Own; Karen Horney II

Schema of the two fundamental personality positions (Karen Horney)

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Karen Horney I

1. The Neurotic Need for Affection and Approval This needs include the desires to be liked, to please other people, and meet the expectations of others. People with this type of need are extremely sensitive to rejection and criticism and … Continue reading

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23 degrees 5 minutes

23 Degrees 5 Minutes – animated short film from Brown Bag Films on Vimeo. Irish animation studio Brown Bag Films released its 2011 short 23 Degrees 5 Minutes online today. Based on a story by Austin Kenny, the CG short … Continue reading

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Hal Lasko, Cleveland Digital Artist

A Nearly Blind 98-Year-Old Man Creates Stunning Digital Magic with MS Paint by Joseph Clark Cleveland Scene Hal Lasko Joseph Clark, August 7th

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The Top Trap

Vajra Yogini Take the story of Milarepa. He was told by Marpa that he could leave his guru and go back to his home. He had finally been accepted by Marpa, who had made him his chief disciple and an … Continue reading

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Three Visual Experiments In Progress

work-in-progress – The Machine Age – 2013 – S.Calhoun – 14″ x 11″   work-in-progress – The Temple In the Sky – 2013 – S.Calhoun – 16″ x 20″     work-in-progress – Shunned – 2013 – S.Calhoun – 20″ … Continue reading

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Sonny & Steel

  A member of the Pedal Steel Guitar Forum asked lap steelers to post pictures of his or her herd. I obliged, although Sonny apparently wanted to be in the picture.     Sonny turns two in January. Here’s a … Continue reading

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Smile, You’re On Candid Everything

This came up on my Google+ feed. My first thought was, ‘smile for the cameras.’ All of ’em My hot tip of the day is: duckduckgo, the anonymous search engine one might use if privacy is a concern. cartoonist: Chris … Continue reading

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Meh Capture

I’d like to see an infographic that measured disillusionment with the various modalities, across the various internet tribes in the first world. I’d like to see the break down by age cohort and by gender. The internet grows, the illegal … Continue reading

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Free Play Reset

No matter the result, there’s always next week. The candids from last week do reflect how quickly the process of resetting follows on the outcome of our Sunday game. On this blog, I’ve been going into my thought processes and … Continue reading

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This is my favorite from a post on tastefullyoffensive tumblr; and by all means visit the post for a slew of other classic matches.

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Teaching Cartoon: Too Much Success

Bonus: attempt now to revise your prior knowledge. . . now that it has been found to have been always erroneous.

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Internet Curios For My Peeps

Actual suggestions I encountered a few weeks ago on FB. via Statista — great resource!   Mt. Fuji & Milky Way via Reddit An actual book! Treehouses; from somebody on Google+ The New REALLY Cheap iPhone – watch more funny … Continue reading

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to “flee” the world is to construct one in which flight is possible

“One of the Worst Things About Being a Hippie Was Lunch” Poet and Critic Stephen Ellis. [speaking of a different subject]: Keeping in mind that the tail of any potentially destructive comet equally provides the instant of light by which … Continue reading

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Mill & Wheel

2013 S.Calhoun – work-in-progress – small 7″ square Wheels, karma, souls…mulling over Buddha and Dante in this assembly of two appropriated images; also, earlier, on the Wheel of Life, see:Nothing That Might Not Happen in a Universe of Fortuity

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Basking In Assessment

Ha ha. I’m XNFP, yet I’m extroverted in the main. It seems to me that there are environmental factors in extroversion/introversion; which is to suggest a degree of isolation may pull a person toward the introspective pole. A short version … Continue reading

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The Art of Discovery

h/t shortoftheweek

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Against Obama’s War In Syria

Count me against an immoral act of war against Syria. A strike against Syria would be an illegal war too. I’m usually against war of any kind. Strictly speaking, I would endorse my country defending itself against direct attackers. President … Continue reading

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