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Mill & Wheel

Mill and Wheel

2013 S.Calhoun – work-in-progress – small 7″ square

Wheels, karma, souls…mulling over Buddha and Dante in this assembly of two appropriated images; also, earlier, on the Wheel of Life, see:Nothing That Might Not Happen in a Universe of Fortuity

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Basking In Assessment


Ha ha. I’m XNFP, yet I’m extroverted in the main.


It seems to me that there are environmental factors in extroversion/introversion; which is to suggest a degree of isolation may pull a person toward the introspective pole. A short version of the Big Five may be taken online.


Tried this knock-off from HRDPress. This result seems accurate except, as it is with the capture provided by type/style assessments, the frozen perspective has the potential to induce an interpretive attribution error. Well, it can’t do so with me because I know better! My main gripe with the field of assessment, and it’s a field I’m in, is that assessment results and interpretations many times are plugged into coaching (etc.,) contexts in which ‘folk psychological’ misconceptions may rule.

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