Kippie’s Ekaya

Kippie, (his new name and named in honor of South African jazz legend, Kippie Moketsi,) three months old, suffering from kitty PTSD, and looking out from the carrier after making the trip from the APL without a peep.

Life is looking up. His documentation tells his brief story: family brought in the unwanted litter three months after the births. This fine looking boy was named Jitters and he was not socialized to human touch to any normal degree.

Susan and I always knew we were headed toward a fifth and last cat of a long haired gray variety. We’re the perfect home for a little wounded kitty who has a bit of healing ahead of him.

As I wrote on the APL’s survey, “He will become the cat he was meant to become.” As Susan put it: “Our love will now expand.”

Sonny trying to open a door

Sonny trying to get the door to the lower porch to open so he can welcome his new “half brother.”

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