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100 trillion * 100 trillion

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Happy Birthday Gilbert Shelton

Before Garfield, Fat Freddy’s cats. From Fat Freddy’s Cats, Volume 4 – Gilbert Shelton In Conversation from The Comics Journal

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Relativizing, Dancing Around Synthesis

Paul Kugler came up in a conversation about the problem incurred by supporters of Analytical Psychology as those same supporters age without, in effect and in actuality, having created a socio-cultural succession plan. This leads to a mild synchronicity when … Continue reading

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Sepia Invitees

The Set-Up – the ongoing model two-master being slowly integrated into the garden. It’s been there for over a year. As a photographic subject, it has been the source material of a handful of intriguing pieces in my ongoing Symmetry … Continue reading

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I and I Fairly Sure Mulder. . .

Gizmodo: The FBI Is Struggling to Hire Hackers Who Don’t Smoke Weed And, FBI unable to qualify what are the qualities of a ‘most excellent’ hacker.

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Teaching Cartoons: You Have to Have Faith. . .

(After all, the underlying social motivations haven’t changed at all.) (Better safe than sorry.)   Bonus reading: Tradition in a Free Society: The Fideism of Michael Polanyi and the Rationalism of Karl Popper by Struan Jacobs (pdf)  

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Calvinist Influences on Conceptions of Happiness

(This is from my collection of weird graphics purloined from google image searches.) Never mind the apparent category error given a time scale of one sort and a positional reference–‘time flies’–to a time scale of a different sort, this graphic offers a … Continue reading

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Surf Forever

One Hour of San Diego Surfing Time Collapsed: San Diego Study #4 from Cy Kuckenbaker on Vimeo. This video was created from one hour of source footage shot from a bluff in San Diego the morning of Jan 21, 2014. … Continue reading

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My thesis is that if we start with the supposition that there is only one primal stuff or material in the world, a stuff of which everything is composed, and if we call that stuff pure experience, then knowing can … Continue reading

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Shell Game

Shell Game – 2014 – 14 x 11 – digital proof for dye giclee

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Turn Out

The photographer was player number twenty. Ringers Adam and Matt stand out because of their uniforms. Free Play Softball enjoyed its first ideal turnout of the season. Twenty came, twenty played, and, hopefully twenty will return next week. As a … Continue reading

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Dance A Round

Sema No. 1 – from a photograph (2014, S.Calhoun) Paradox Paradoxes: best wakefulness in sleep, wealth in having nothing, a pearl necklace fastened around an iron collar. Fire contained in boiling water. Revenues growing from funds flowing out. Giving is … Continue reading

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Teaching Cartoon – Transmogrification

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Rabbit Holes

I’ve been reviewing current so-called Integral literature over the last few weeks, but it was Ken who had much earlier got me going back toward that development dynamic when I toppled over ‘into it’ in the intellectual sense from our … Continue reading

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Rites of Spring

Last spring, our first in our new house–built in 1915–provided a parade of flowers in our small and narrow back yard. I didn’t do anything but observe the upwelling pulchritude inherited from the previous owner. Yes, I knew we might … Continue reading

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Symmetry Experiment: Garden of Thrones

My symmetry experiments continue. This is a manipulated photo from the set-up in the garden, a decaying model three master, that I’ve been using to generate source material for the experiments for the past year. Here’s the first keeper from … Continue reading

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Goodbye Mr. Trane

The last photo of my car Coltrane and me, minutes before departing for a Suburu dealer in Wickliffe to trade it in as downpayment on my wife’s new car. I took over her car, now named Booker (after saxophonist Booker … Continue reading

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