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As Below, So Above

My essay, Liberating the Stars From Space & Time, when completed. will complete the narrative concerned with how I came to necessarily etch a limit to my philosophical ability, and, in doing so, squish thousands of years of astrology into tools able to exist … Continue reading

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The Hand

  I recommend you take your hand home and take a look at it when you get there — very quietly, almost as part of meditation. And try to catch the difference between seeing it as a base for five … Continue reading

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Something Like a Scout

I finally took the Kolb Educator Role Profile. This result, schematically presented above, is fuzzily right inasmuch as the  KERP is able to capture some of the qualities of me–who in the normative sense of the term educator is not an … Continue reading

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Thank you Stan Bowman

I did a lot of research on giclee printers, First, I considered northeast Ohio. The most prominent such printer didn’t respond to a web inquiry via their own form. Too bad! There were several others that united around the principal … Continue reading

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Teaching Cartoon: Post-Structuralism

From The 5th Wave Rich Tennant (1992) fracture, fragment, fractal, fragile Oedipus presupposes a fantastic repression of desiring-machines. It is not a question of denying the vital importance of parents or the love attachment of children to their mothers and … Continue reading

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Having It All – Meshwork’s Ultimate Cha-Ching

Received a marketing piece from Ken Wilber: Supermind is the epitome of freedom and responsibility. You, and in the deepest sense you alone, become responsible for the entire planet and all of its beings. Immanuel Kant beautifully defined a “cosmopolitan” … Continue reading

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Heaven & Hell & ‘Showing’ Generative Metaphysics

My and Ken’s Heaven and Hell Mandala format provides a fine format for juxtaposing generalizations, or first order conceptual classes, or just about anything which can be brought into relations. In these examples the heavenly quadrant represents where the pairing … Continue reading

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Justified Rides Off

Justified, FX channel, is my favorite TV show. It satisfies a simple prejudice: I have long loved the writing of the brilliantElmore Leonard. The show’s protagonist, Raylan Givens, was created by Leonard. You got to know Leonard fairly well before … Continue reading

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Music – a year, a very good year

Hoon the Muso has posted a series of blog articles highlighting some of the music that brought him pleasure and provocation in 2014. –the series of posts, the so-called yearly recap– I have several alter-egos. These other meez each serve … Continue reading

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Dream Remix: The Dive

Week before last I had a marvelous dream. It was the first dream about my being in the Community of Practice of Experiential Learning practitioners. In the dream, several colleagues were personified as dream characters. The dream seemed to wrestle … Continue reading

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The Fate of Public Libraries

The fate of public libraries is unknown. However, perhaps a random delivery from the Cube-O-Probe set to the Heaven & Hell four square format could induce compelling intuitions and predictive  abductions. This capture might benefit from facilitation.

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Maybe (Teaching Story)

“Maybe” Once upon a time a peasant had a horse. This horse ran away,so the peasant’s neighbors came to console him for his bad luck. He answered: “Maybe”. The day after the horse came back, leading 6 wild horses with … Continue reading

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Illich On Water

Ray Winslow: Illich was deeply opposed to being recorded, on audio tape or film. “Modern-day pornography,” he called it. But yes, we are lucky to have this short clip of such an extraordinary thinker and human being.

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Confessions With Becker & Fagan

Forgive the snake handler for not knowing the distinction between Steely Dan and Duke Ellington.

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Marketing, Zeitgeist, Jargon, and maybe something like post-irony

Where’s Walter Benjamin when you need him?

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Happy New Year

The Wave There are things we can change and others not: Let us accept what is our written fate. In God’s Compassion we will find no spot; And we should know that Being’s inmost sound Is sheer Beatitude. And faith … Continue reading

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