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Eternal Returns

(Me.) Just hit the ball to me for a change, bro, I mean hit it so I don’t have to move. Thanks, bro. Mark Sr. showed up for the first time in several years, and in his first at-bat struck … Continue reading

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Chaotic Fringe

The first piece for which it became clear to me that my preoccupation with turning complex disordered scenes into orderly presentations of overt and covert patterns could echo, in a striking way, the renaissance paintings of the Family Brueghel, was working … Continue reading

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World’s Whole Frame

The Wild Garden – NOWNESS from NOWNESS on Vimeo. Another year rolls into spring. Time to get the hands dirty. I have a bohemian flower garden to tend to. An Anatomy of the World The First Anniversary WHEN that rich … Continue reading

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Make Free Play Great Again

Free Play’s ethic, as I understand it since 2002, is to integrate a wide variety of motivations to participate in our ongoing experiment. This does include integrating those who are primarily concerned with winning, and concerned with their own performance, … Continue reading

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Heck of a Trip

Hieronymus Bosch, The Garden of Earthly Delights – interactive tour Noah Charney’s Salon article, Why Bosch’s Hell feels so real: The answers lie in Freud, Jung and the humble cronut. On the 500th anniversary of the painter’s death, we examine … Continue reading

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Pareto Trap

Years ago I offered to a musician I was working with (what struck me at the time) to be a commonsense insight: spend your time leveraging your fans who get it and much less time trying to convince every last … Continue reading

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Buzzing Pareidolia Part One

Today, my research is centered on creating images which evoke pareidolia, and, secondarily, on the understanding of serendipity in adult experience and development. Pareidolia is not a well-known term despite one expert’s calling it a buzzword. But, pareidolia doesn’t even … Continue reading

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Impossibly Pretentious Academic Titles From the Basement

New edition forthcoming, ? (obviously published by the POST-ACADEMIC PRESS) soundtrack:

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Riding With Hair Duce

64 Cadillac Fleetwood via photopin (license) It was bound to happen some night and it happened last night. I had a dream with Donald J. Trump in it. As a longtime dream keeper and dream analyst, the dream with respect … Continue reading

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