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Persuasion, What Me Worry?

Trumpbert Scott Adams, author of Dilbert cartoons, has been blogging about Donald Trump’s persuasion abilities for nine months. Adams styles himself as an expert on persuasion too, so it is no accident that he highlights Trump because he has his … Continue reading

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Not Close to the Beginning

This small acrylic painting took me six years to complete. My project for the near future is to move my artist’s web site to a new hoster and a new domain Eventually all my various web sites attached to … Continue reading

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Artist’s Statement, Part II. & III.

Secondary and Tertiary Contexts and Multiplicities ARTIST’S STATEMENT (middle section) II. I came to this as a matter of my lifelong drive to satisfy my curiosity. This mission demands that I wander, experience, explore, do experiments. III. To steep ourselves … Continue reading

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Free Play At Bat

[KGVID][/KGVID] Actions have consequences. Skilful actions have beneficial consequences. Patient, enduring effort in skilfulness of body, speech and mind brings about spiritual progress. Patient, persistent effort in ethics, meditation and study brings about spiritual growth. Patience is a Perfection (paramita) … Continue reading

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Zeitgeist, Summer 2016

The risk of inner experience, the adventure of the spirit, is in any case alien to most human beings. ~Carl Jung; Memories, Dreams and Reflections

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Artist’s Statement, Part I.

Ongoing, and maybe, never ending project aims to describe what I’m up to, as an artist. In my case, my hope is that the statement unhooks the viewer from its priming effect. My artistic goal hopes to invert the conventional … Continue reading

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The Wonder of Decay

Art of the Collection: The Photography of Rosamond Purcell from Hans Weise on Vimeo. An Art That Nature Makes, Molly Bernstein’s new film about the artist Rosamund Purcell, has opened, and closes tomorrow. Clearly this will be a must see … Continue reading

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A Year That Made Me

(Susan tells me, “Why would I want to attend a first grade reunion on a work night?”) Last night I met up with some of my peeps from ninth grade. Jim Duffy reminded me he bought a Peter Frampton LP … Continue reading

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Thick Now

My artist’s statement has been updated. Goal: make myself thicker!

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Fundamentally Temporary

In any complex string of events in which each event unfolds with some element of uncertainty, there is a fundamental asymmetry between past and future. Leonard Mlodinow Over the last six weeks, Free Play Softball league has shown six games … Continue reading

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Creative Fire

In this second volume of The Sparks of Randomness, The Atheism of Scripture, Henri Atlan pursues his investigation of human life, which he grounds in a distinctive intermingling of the biological and cognitive sciences and traditions of Jewish thought. The … Continue reading

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In the Details

Jheronimus Bosch, Touched by the Devil TRAILER from Pieter van Huystee Film on Vimeo. new Film now playing in NYC: Pieter van Huystee’s Hieronymus Bosch: Touched by the Devil The Cruel Beauty of Hieronymus Bosch: 500 Years of Breathtaking Imagery … Continue reading

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