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Success & the Infinite

SUCCESS AND THE INFINITE (originally published on LinkedIn) The following question was pitched my way recently: how long does it take you to produce a finished piece of art? Obviously there can only be a generalized answer to this question. … Continue reading

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All of us are watchers–of television, of time clocks, of traffic on the freeway–but few are observers. Everybody is looking, not many are seeing. P.M. Leschak) The Gallery At Gray’s is located on the west side about 30 minutes from … Continue reading

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Legacy Art Post #2 – Painterly

(2005) Painterly

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Legacy Art Post #1 – Quinttych On Essentials

Quinttych On Essentials (2008) Starting with this post, I have established a page LEGACY ART (1993-2012) on this blog that in turn provides links to a selection of my art work from 1993-2012. Other art works will be removed from … Continue reading

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In the Age of Plasticene

Henry Hudson: Anger, Anxiety and the Apocalypse (Gallery S|2) h/t Sotheby’s Bonus: more Lori Nix What Would the Room You’re In Right Now Look Like In the Apocalypse Nix + Gerber from The Drawing Room on Vimeo.

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Most Interesting Man

Two notes: yesterday the game was won when a throwing error on a successful force out at home allowed three runners to score in the top of the first extra inning. This is the kind of unusual stuff that helps … Continue reading

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Poetry Of the Tear

To be in different states without a change is not a possibility (Charles Olson) I visited, with Dan Slife, the Saturday 9/3 event in Buffalo, A Celebration of Ken Warren. It was held in The Poetry Collection of the University … Continue reading

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Roger’s Blues

Without wishing it, we human beings are placed in situations in which the great principles entangle us in something, and God leaves it to us to find a way out. C.G. Jung (Good and Evil In Analytical Psychology, Civilization In … Continue reading

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Artist Stephen Calhoun

My new web site features my art, art based in symmetries and surprise. It’s live today! ARTISTSTEPHENCALHOUN.COM I’ll be highlighting some of its features over the next few days and on twitter.

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The Way Nobody Looks

It was not a close game Sunday. …except one team won the first three innings, and the other team won the last four innings. This is what is meant by the underlying score. Nobody keeps score this way! A Necessary … Continue reading

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Lori Nix

The Discovery Channel Visits the Studio from Lori Nix on Vimeo. via Newsweek: Post-mankind Vision of Photographer Lori Nix Lori Nix web site 6. In your opinion, what are the most important things (whether bad or good) that photography should … Continue reading

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