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Tying It All Together?

I am sometimes asked why I pay attention to astrology. Actually, I don’t pay much attention to it, but, for some, any attention paid to astrology begs the question of why a so-called pseudoscience could attract someone’s, or my own, … Continue reading

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Desse and Kate

I agree that the heart of creativity is self-expression. Following one’s own soul, so to speak. Perhaps that is only half of the picture; for creativity to provide the self with substance, it must, in some way, be reciprocal. By … Continue reading

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Legacy Art Works #7 – Table Mountain 1&2

(2010) Table Mountain 1 (2010) Table Mountain 2 Table Mountain looks over Cape Town, South Africa. Because of my association with Abdullah Ibrahim it became one of those places that would arise in dreams.

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This fascinating video about generative art supposes that our age will be the age of data. Except for this meaningless statement, this is well worth six plus minutes. The sound of a bell struck off center vanishes in haze. (Buson)

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Legacy Art Works #6 – Anti-Materialism

Anti-Materialism 14×11″ 2007

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Age of the Scary Clown Has Commenced

Ongoing notes on what may transpire now that a literal crazy person is our 45th President are here. 230 Things Donald Trump Has Said and Done That Make Him Unfit to Be President

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Hope and Walking

I haven’t been able to devote anywhere near as much time to volunteering to help elect Hillary Rodham Clinton to be the first woman President of the United States of America. Yet, today is finally the day where the people … Continue reading

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Free Play Softball Mercurious

Did Cap intentionally allow a ball to pass between his legs in the penultimate inning so as to guide the game’s score closer to the promised land of a one-run game? Later, after the one run game was over, a … Continue reading

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Legacy Art Work #5 – The Machine Age

2013 – The Machine Age – 14? x 11? dye proof for giclee This is loosely associated with what’s termed steam punk. It also fits in a self-termed category of generative art, ARK, that stands for associative random kitsch.

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