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peak: FRONT International Cleveland Triennial for Contemporary Art

In 2018 Cleveland will be the site of its first art triennial, FRONT International Cleveland Triennial for Contemporary Art. This video captures the initial public meeting at Transformer Station. Fred Bidwell is the executive director. He has put together a stellar team. This … Continue reading

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Synchronicity and Wheels

Monday, February 13, I was driving to Wadsworth, listening to a CD, thinking about my livelihood as an artist–such as it is–and a tune started up from my single most favored rock record of all time, The Gilded Palace of … Continue reading

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PSA: Bias

For my own purposes I make the following differentiations netween operational modalities of ordinary language argument. (1) OBJECTIVE arguments based in facts and positive propositions and deduction (2) ABDUCTIVE arguments based in explanation drawn from repeated experiences and inductions from … Continue reading

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Pure Experience

What is left of experience if from it are erased feeling it, thinking it, feeling about it, thinking about it? I’ve been reflecting on the paradox of mindfulness. Mindfulness, over the last several years, is among the hottest trends in … Continue reading

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Opposite Squaredance

For the fourth year in a row, I was happy to work with Wadsworth Public Library’s fine staff on their staff day. We did a three phase exploration over the afternoon. First, we did a Taoist Walk in two snaking, … Continue reading

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The foolish person tries to ignore the phenomenal facts of life simply because he cannot learn the logical theory which explains them. With all the logic at our command, we may reason out of the domain of possibilities everything that … Continue reading

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Legacy Art Works #11 Sleep / Falling Away / In the Dream Territory

(2011) Sleep / Falling Away / In the Dream Territory Legacy Art Works 1993-2012

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“Golden Mean” has the same letters as “demon angel!”

The Golden Ratio calculated to a record 2 trillion digits, on Ubuntu, in the Cloud! Golden Ratio/fibonacci poetry is a thing. Aurea Mediocritas! 1.618 ad infinitum! Never repeating, always intriguing Fibonacci born; phi! Golden Section behold! Creation sequence, nature’s frequence … Continue reading

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