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Legacy Artworks #12: Old Whole

Old Whole (2009) This is another installment in moving selected pre-2012 artworks to the blog. Here’s what has been moved so far, Legacy Art works 1993-2012.

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Opening Day, Free Play Softball League 2017

Opening Day, Free Play Softball League 2017, first game in the age of Trumpism. It was a closely contested game if you forget the results of the first and last inning. This season we’re hoping to attract new players to … Continue reading

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Questioned, Again

Oh Good Party has published this month an interview with yours truly, artist Stephen Calhoun. (Oh Good Party is art advisory and art concierge providing services to their private group of asian collectors, some in Canada, most in China. They … Continue reading

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Extreme Cases

NUMINOSUM At the threshold of the divine, how to know But indirectly, to hear the static as Pattern, to hear the ragtag white noise as song— No, not as song—but to intuit the song bird Within the thorn thicket—safe, hidden … Continue reading

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Three Into Four, Repeat. . .

The shuttling to and fro of arguments and affects represents the transcendent function of opposites. The confrontation of the two positions generates a tension charged with energy and creates a living, third thing—not a logical stillbirth in accordance with the … Continue reading

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Just Sayin’ – once again

Talk Origins – central counter-creationist resource 12. Nobody has ever seen a new species evolve. Speciation is probably fairly rare and in many cases might take centuries. Furthermore, recognizing a new species during a formative stage can be difficult, because … Continue reading

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Compare and Conjoin

Cube-O-Probe – Locate Creativity? From the symbolic potency of the solar system, which generates the sense of depth suggested by McGilchrist, astrology offers us what in neuroscience is called environmental enrichment, in other words, stimulation of the brain by its … Continue reading

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