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Ngaphandle – Part One

Edward M. Gómez on Outsider Art from Sinnlicht on Vimeo. Definitions?! RAW VISION : The controversy surrounding the exact definition of Outsider Art and allied fields has been going on ever since awareness of the phenomenon began so here we … Continue reading

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Discrete Charms

Admit something: everyone you see, you say to them: “love me.” Of course you do not do this out loud; otherwise someone would call the cops. Still, though, think about this, this great pull in us to connect. Why not … Continue reading

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Visual Thinking Strategy

A VTS Discussion with First Grade Students from Visual Thinking Strategies on Vimeo. (source) In his 1997 article Thoughts on Visual Literacy, Philip Yenawine describes visual literacy as: “…the ability to find meaning in imagery. It involves a set of … Continue reading

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Speed Factors and Bell Curves

They, the Free Play assembly, refers to me as ‘Cap’ or Commish, and, it was Kolb who dubbed me the ‘handicapper.’ I’ve been making the Sunday morning line-up out since the season of 2004. As I have had occasion to … Continue reading

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Whirling Around World Events

Whirling Dervishes Istanbul from John Cummins on Vimeo. All the saints and sages have said evil deeds become a dark hole which encloses the evil doer. The worse the doer’s deed, the darker is the hole. You may intend to … Continue reading

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Tubular Transmissions

I really like the rumored-to-be-cancelled Netflix series, Sense8. As we finish catching up with season one, it strikes me that the saturated globe trotting opening sequence provides a nifty psychological priming for what follows: a transcendental thriller, created by The … Continue reading

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