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Down the Middle

Renee Cox – The Goddess from The Bholdr on Vimeo.

article via hyperallergic: Renee Cox

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Between and Betwixt

THENOT William Blake A Rolling Stone Is Ever Bare of Moss

Blake’s reliance on contraries was his solution to incorporating information which appears to contradict accepted information. The solution is not to discard either contrary, but to discard the requirement that contraries agree. excerpt/source: Contraries – Larry Clayton · Hornsramd blog

Juicy essay concerned with William Blake’s outlook. LC’s William Blake Religion & Philosophy is an essential resource and portal to other Blake resources.

Grow an ecosystem:The Mygdal Plant Lamps is both a light and a plant

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Conference of the Birds

(This never gets old.)

Precise Metallic Replicas of Ancient Fossils and Cells by Allan Drummond – via colossal

Quantum Poetics – Samuel Matlack – via The New Atlantis

Overlooked Unity - Stephen Calhoun

Life is a virtual multiplicity, not of things and agents but contemplations and contractions, events and responses. This means there is not a world (actual) that is then represented in images (virtual) by the privileged mind of man (the subject). Life is just this actual-virtual interaction of imaging: each flow of life becomes other in response to what it is not. The anticipation goes beyond what is actual, but also produces a new actual. The image is neither actual nor virtual but the interval that brings actuality out of the virtual. —Claire Colebrook

Karaba Blue - Stephen Calhoun

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