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Food For Another – some poems of Tim Calhoun

I was reminded recently in rereading some of his poems from his self-curated unpublished collection The Hero In the Oak Branch Stretcher, that in passing away in February 1993, he was a poet of the pre-internet era. This poem, Expulsion, … Continue reading

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(poems) Tim Calhoun – The Foretopman’s Vision; No Way Out

The Foretopman’s Vision I don’t know who they are– those two with arms paddling through a sea of drifting wheat, I’ve forgotten how love tacks against the course of passion. Their hands collapse on faces like falling sails. She arches … Continue reading

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Each Arrives With A Gift (World Poetry Day 2015)

World Poetry Day 2015

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Too Much

Stephen and twin bro Timothy, 1958 I like to poke around stuff. I enjoy doing this a great deal.  My mentor and co-founder of squareONE Judith Buerkel remarked to me, You are curious about curiosity, so you’re set, really, for … Continue reading

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Deep Friendship & Learning

The following series of posts were developed and published in the aftermath of the passing of my friend, colleague, business partner, and brother-in-learning, Ken Warren, on May 21, 2015. My aim was to capture in the liminal space given by … Continue reading

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Friendship: the Heart of a Matter

(My aim is to write a bit about my friendship with Ken Warren, and these thoughts are additionally targeted to capture some resonant musings about the nature of friends, friendship, and, other related topics.) My close friend from Vermont, Bob … Continue reading

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Timothy Carl Calhoun – Cleveland Poet, philosopher, father – September 2, 1954 – February 24, 1993 Stephen Crespi Calhoun – still unpeeling the layers As I sd to my friend, because I am always talking,–John, I sd, which was not … Continue reading

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Mystery of Dad

This photo of my dad holding my twin brother Timothy likely taken close to the day we came home after a little incubation at the beginning of 1954 surely has a companion picture with yours truly in the same position. … Continue reading

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