Stephen Calhoun


devoted and loyal friend

late sixties, early seventies era hippie; now updated!

immersed in music

composer / sound designer / instrumentalist / producer

noguts noglory studios

experimenter in visual arts

Gardening Universes

Gardening Universes – 2012

independent researcher; primarily focused on Constructive Fortuity in Adult Development so, I am attempting to better understand the factor of serendipity as it bears upon change, and takes place, within the transactional ecology of adult development

frames: psychology / anthropology / sociology / philosophy

passionate about learning and unlearning, so:

lifelong student

something like a masterful designer and facilitator of open ended experiential learning

(Gregory) Batesonian; but I have spent the most time with the music of Thelonious Monk and the opus of Carl G. Jung and the poetry of Rumi

cat person


yes, I practice being a trickster!

Principal professional capacity: trained and practiced and proven listener; collaborator and facilitator of deep experiential learning. This bundle of skills blooms in the right setting and supports wide-ranging positive consequences for problem-solving, development, and, figuring out possible futures.

Wild experiences

warning TOO MUCH
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