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Down the Middle

Renee Cox – The Goddess from The Bholdr on Vimeo. article via hyperallergic: Renee Cox

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Between and Betwixt

Blake’s reliance on contraries was his solution to incorporating information which appears to contradict accepted information. The solution is not to discard either contrary, but to discard the requirement that contraries agree. excerpt/source: Contraries – Larry Clayton · Hornsramd blog … Continue reading

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Conference of the Birds

(This never gets old.) Precise Metallic Replicas of Ancient Fossils and Cells by Allan Drummond – via colossal Quantum Poetics – Samuel Matlack – via The New Atlantis Life is a virtual multiplicity, not of things and agents but contemplations … Continue reading

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We have created a Star Wars civilization, with Stone Age emotions — E.O.Wilson

excerpt 1:Very few species, however, have made the leap from merely social to eusocial, “eu-” meaning true. To qualify as eusocial, in Wilson’s definition, animals must live in multigenerational communities, practice division of labor and behave altruistically, ready to sacrifice … Continue reading

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Dual Preoccupations

Bacchus from The Animation Workshop on Vimeo. The coniunctio happens in the underworld, it happens in the dark when there is no light shining any more. When you are completely out and consciousness is gone, then something is born or … Continue reading

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Better Than the Bird’s Eye View

Google Maps | Space Bonus: “They are wild things.”

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Guitars vs Erasure

Henry Grimes-bass, Chad Taylor-drums Trump’s great political insight was that Obama’s time in office inflicted a profound psychological wound upon many white Americans, one that he could remedy by adopting the false narrative that placed the first black president outside … Continue reading

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On and On and On

This is a new record of the iteration number. 750 000 000 ! This value took more than 10 gigabytes of ram to render the reference. Don’t worry, spiders, I keep house casually. (Issa)

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Almost Random MadLib

Imagine if academics sat down with ordinary people like you and me and ironed out some real solutions to our capital gains crisis. With the election season over, maybe you’ve forgotten about capital gains, but I certainly haven’t. It would … Continue reading

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End of a Paragraph

JACKSON POLLOCK from STELLALIE PRODUCTION on Vimeo. In other words, each element – each line in One, for instance, is always rising and falling through distinct semiotic states that exist simultaneously even if they cannot be perceived all at once. … Continue reading

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A Best Of My Own Art Work 2017 – Part 3 – Large Art Works

(KNYSNA BLUE MATRIX, 45×68″ aluminum) Large artworks are for me those with one dimension 36″ or greater; so, medium in the scheme of two dimensional images. (LARGE DHARMA COMMUNITY 48×64″ aluminum) Finished large pieces may materialize for sale or show. … Continue reading

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A Best Of My Own Art Work 2017 – Part 2 – Small Art Works

This past year I expressly created small art works. Two series of pieces stood out: Lasting Hearts, and, Malay Time Steps and Ladders. from Malay Time Steps and Ladders From Lasting Hearts From Lasting Hearts Via the shop, here’s a … Continue reading

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A Best Of My Own Art Work 2017 – Part 1 – Mandalas and Circular Pieces

On my artist’s web site I maintain an index of posted art works. This page lines up most of my art work in reverse chronological order. The provides an excellent way to review my creative journey over the past years. … Continue reading

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Dharma Wheels

Dharma Wheels (mixed process photograph, animation) from Stephen Calhoun on Vimeo. Life is a virtual multiplicity, not of things and agents but contemplations and contractions, events and responses. This means there is not a world (actual) that is then represented … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays

Happiness from Steve Cutts on Vimeo. I spotted this originally on the essential shortoftheweek.

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Days After The Day After

Aired November 20, 1983 to a worldwide audience of over 100,000,000 viewers. Nukemap

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Teaching Cartoon: Desires

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Ayahuasca Lens

Pablo Amaringo, Shaman and Painter Interview with Pablo Amaringo Pablo Amaringo at VisualMelt The universe is an intelligence test. — Timothy Leary

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Black Mountain Futurism

Black Mountain Research explains its mission. James Elkins kicks off the three videos embedded from BMR’s archive. He’s going to bridge the research element and self-reflexivity, and, the practice-based credential (Ph.D.) formally theorizing artistic practice. Over the last 20 years … Continue reading

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Infinite Optical Trajectories

As a compendium of signs, this canvas was an apt introduction-practically a manifesto-for a movement dedicated to producing signs that function as distinctive artistic “trademarks” and yet are open to multiple and sometimes infinite optical trajectories. Signal Processing, David Joselit … Continue reading

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