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By Hand

A Thousand Hands Ago from S Ensby on Vimeo. The dramatic form is reached when the vitality which has flowed and eddied round each person fills every person with such vital force that he or she assumes a proper and … Continue reading

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Taraka timiram dipo Maya-avasyaya budbudam Supinam vidyud abhram ca Evam drastavyam samskrtam. As stars, a fault of vision, as a lamp, A mock show, dew drops, or a bubble, A dream, a lightning flash, or cloud, So should one view … Continue reading

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Mandorla: Trailer

Mandorla – working trailer – CA from Roberto Miller on Vimeo. Mandorla Movement >>via Robert Rich Facebook; Robert is doing the music. comment: Life is a system of ‘now you see it,’ and ‘now you don’t.” Alan Watts

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Death To Me

Morbid Anatomy Teaser for The Midnight Archive, a New Web Video Series Based Around the Event/Gallery Space Observatory, Brooklyn

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Behind the Scenes

h/t Comic Riffs blog @WAPO

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Stars Raining

The White Diamond is my favorite Herzog movie at the moment. This is not to say it’s his best movie, and certainly I can rattle off a dozen moments from his opus I treasure, yet, this beautifully realized documentary about … Continue reading

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District 9

“Sorry, but you’re one too many payments behind.” District 9 provided the most rewarding movie-going experience of the year. I have to chuckle when I reflect upon how the allegory is worked through in the gritty shoestring indy District 9, … Continue reading

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