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Better Than the Bird’s Eye View

Google Maps ISS

Google Maps | Space

Bonus: “They are wild things.”

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360 degree Longing For Wilderness + Evidence of Existance

Longing for Wilderness from EpicScapes on Vimeo.

Watch on tablet. Retina iPad is spectacular. The point of this new technology is the user can use the touchscreen to move around the image frame. Browser kludge allow for this navigation too if your desktop system is up-to-date. Negs on Safari.

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So Humbling, Together


If the Moon Were One Pixel

One real world is enough! (G. Santayana)

Bonus enlightenment:

Interactive Journey up Mount Everest

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Artist Stephen Calhoun


My new web site features my art, art based in symmetries and surprise. It’s live today!


I’ll be highlighting some of its features over the next few days and on twitter.

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Body Acting Virtually I. Youtube channel

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Periodic Table – a web side street

Periodic Videos

h/t Web 2.0 Tools Based on Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy

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Visualization of the Internet

Network from Michael Rigley on Vimeo.

h/t my pal, Dr. Don

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ScoopIt: Experiential Learning

ScooptIt Experiential learning

ScoopIt: Experiential Learning – curated by sq1learning – thus by yours truly

Among the flurry of primary and secondary experiential learning activities that will define my direction in 2014, this may be the least of ’em. Alternately, it may be the back pocket for sticking all sorts of valuable captures, such as What makes us human? Doing pointless things for fun–my scoop of a moment ago.

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Steampunk (Bonus: Dillard & Clark)


Steampunk Examples at Instructibles Guides


Steampunk is a subgenre of speculative fiction, usually set in an anachronistic Victorian or quasi-Victorian alternate history setting. It could be described by the slogan “What the past would look like if the future had happened sooner.” It includes fiction with science fiction, fantasy or horror themes.

In the United States, Steampunk rose to prominence in the latter part of the first decade of the new century. At that time many people began to feel concerned about losing their privacy through a myriad of new security schemes, their security due to a plummeting job market and economy and, though in light of the former, seemingly less serious, increased awareness that a licensing agreement for software and hardware that had given ownership to items purchased by individuals, to the corporations that had manufactured them. The Maker movement also gained traction during this time and it is not unrelated. Many people who were tired of the system and unhappy with the future it indicated, took to their workshops to make their own future. Make it, they did. People began to learn how to grow their own food, raise poultry, keep bees, use gunpowder, cure meat, sew, weld, woodwork, can, preserve and various other skills that had been out of the public production as mainstream knowledge for the better part of a half century.


Steam Punk Lap Guitar:

Steam Punk Lap Guitar Ship

Steampunk movie:

(This is better to me if you turn the dialogue off and put music on; I recommend Dillard & Clark. Turn off the sound on the movie above, hit play on the music below, hit play on the now silent movie above.)

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Me and Me Own; Karen Horney II




Schema of the two fundamental personality positions (Karen Horney)

Karen Horney

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Social En-Light-enment

via Create Digital Motion Visualism – A new art Form is exemplified in this installation by Jake Snider.

Pixels and vectors aside, visualism is work in light. And so, it’s refreshing to see work as direct and evocative as that sent to CDM by reader Jake Snider. It makes interacting with light the centerpiece of the work. It’s visceral, sensual, and elegant – and keep watching the video above to the very end for a very sweet smooch. (Peter Kirn)

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The Adolescence of the Tubes

the future


cat couch

h/t Rodney Pike

I loves me some cats fer sure.

Sonny the cat; "painted"

Sonny the cat; “painted”

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Bing It on Fail



Yes, I took the Bing-It-On challenge. Here are the results.

It wasn’t as close as the 4-1 score depicted here indicates. It did strike me that now every time I see the TV commercial I will be reminded of how fugly Bing’s search results ended up. In turn, this will remind me of how predictably crappy are Microsoft’s products; as if I needed a reminder.




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Curation and Its Hoped For Contents

andrew-sullivan1 Andrew Sullivan

I subscribed to Andrew Sullivan’s Dish. The cost was $19.95 for a year’s worth of being able to scrape a bit below the surface the Dish’s content of news and culture captures.

Sullivan’s project was previously a part of The Daily Beast. There were three reasons I paid out money, something I normally am–and by my nature–resistant to doing.

One–to support Andrew’s experiment centered on a mild paywall helping to support a small and independent staff

Two–to reward him for escaping the clutches of The Beast, and so this reason also fits in with my finding the Beast and HuffPo, in their different ways, to be partly appalling, and, predictably dumb and dumber instances of “lefty” new media. ..especially The Huffington Post with its lifestyle pages littered withnew age hokum.

Three–The Dish’s curation is excellent, and, right up my alley.

About Dish.AndrewSullivan.Com

I’m interested in the business model working out to demonstrate the viability of a 10 person staff let loose to delight a devoted audience, and, the employees still  getting to participate in the old school middle class in the role of, as Robert Reich long ago put it, symbolic analysts. Yup symbolic analysts with health insurance and a retirement fund.






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CIA Goes Social

Twitter Blue Birds

I much prefer the international party / creep show by design that is Google Plus (G+) over both The Facebook and The Twitter. Alas, hardly anyone I know shares this view as of the end of 2012.

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Two Things Generative

The Disruptive Power of the Generative Internet by FORAtv

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One More Question Zuckerberg
(Purloined from The Joy of Tech)

I refuse to watch the Google+ introductory video until that point far in the future I receive a usable invite. However, I’ve gleaned enough info to wonder if the G+ platform might be a more attractive medium for reconstituting several of the conversational loci come to be degraded over the years. I’m speaking here of email discussion lists.

This can’t be discussed on the Netdynam2.0 blog. It became moribund this year due to technical problems that aren’t in my portfolio there, even if I’m one of the administrator/authors. Yet, it’s the old Netdynam(ics) email I have in mind when I ponder whether an interdisciplinary discussion is even possible nowadays.

Although such a discussion could be started up on Facebook, basically, I don’t like Facebook. A handy term we used all the time on Netdynam is “affordances.” Facebook’s affordances exists on two levels: accessible, and, sucky.

Facebook v Google+

(click for large image via hubspot)

As for Google, it’s focused on sucking up the universe’s information. I do not check into Facebook every day. Google+ is enticing. A brief discussion with a colleague revealed that, in comparison with my naive anticipation, her anticipation was inflected by trepidation. I’m probably putting her sentiment too mildly.

Meanwhile, Google+ remains in beta with more than 20,000,000 testers. Google isn’t saying when the Facebook killer goes public. I have read recently ‘sometime in 2012.’ I decided not to expend too much energy rooting around scoop city for inside reports. Google, is, as is usually, arrogant times a zillion, so it/they, aren’t providing a flow of information at all about the current status of the test.

Google+ has evoked a forum. Scoop.IT has one of the best Google+ news streams.

Walking Around In Circles: As Google+ Opens Up Will People Start Using It Correctly? (MG Siegler, Techcrunch)

Our Take On Google+ (Involver)


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A mosaic of the world made out of tilt-shifted videos of cities around the world.

Hayaku: A Time Lapse Journey Through Japan from Brad Kremer on Vimeo.

Crazy good public art. Maybe somebody in the ‘wood will get on it.

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Periodic Table of Visualization, and more

click to enlarge

Visit the following link to access the pop-up examples for each of the Periodic Table of Visualizations‘ cells.

I’m fond of graphical ways of showing relationships between concepts and domains.

Here’s a few more depictions from my own archive of helpful visuals.

Powers of ten

Scales on pseudo-symmetrical \’U\’

Arthur S. Young\’s two fundamental developmental \’turns\’

Fourfold (Anthony Judge)click to enlarge

Spiral Dynamics-AQAL Collage

click to enlarge

Warren Matrix

DrPuck's problem matrix

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Slow Motion

Tempus II from Philip Heron on Vimeo.

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