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Cultural Cognition (4 Square Matrix)

  The bottom scale, moves right in increasing awareness of global warming risk. I collect matrices in the form of what I term a 4 Square. The above schema is a good one both for its content and for its … Continue reading

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Four Square Matrix – Metaverse Four Square

The explanation for this Four Square Matrix is below. (I’ve been exploring the format of the Four Square Matrix for over five years on the squareONE Explorations blog: Revisiting the Matrix Part 1 / Class of ’72 / Periodic Table … Continue reading

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Class of ’72

The iconic yearbook picture, Hawken Upper School, Class of seventy-two. Three quarters of the guys in this crowd scene actually were seniors. We took a bunch of silly photos on the same day. This one ends spiked by tragedy because … Continue reading

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Revisiting the 2×2 Matrix – Part 1.

What I term a ‘four square,’ or matrix, derives in modern times from The Boston Consulting Group’s Growth-Share Matrix. I devise my own four squares and collect any others I encounter. At times the 2×2 Matrix in either its ‘cross’ … Continue reading

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Periodic Table of Visualization, and more

click to enlarge Visit the following link to access the pop-up examples for each of the Periodic Table of Visualizations‘ cells. I’m fond of graphical ways of showing relationships between concepts and domains. Here’s a few more depictions from my … Continue reading

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More Matrices

[An archival post carried over from the defunct Transformative Tools blog] If this looks like a version of the medicine wheel, know the medicine wheel expresses the archetectonic fundamental; is the archetypal template for the matrical model and heuristic learning … Continue reading

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Open eyes and own the civic space

Term it the Observer Paradigm. It’s multiplying. Fathership: Lakewood Observer Lakewood, Ohio Progeny: The Heights Observer Cleveland & University Heights, ohio Parma Observer Parma, Ohio Collinwood Observer Collinwood in Cleveland, Ohio Euclid Observer Euclid, Ohio soon (?) University Circle Observer, … Continue reading

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The Acid Test

Click for the large version and please come back… Rummaging through old computer files, I came upon a series of slides about the Fundamental Attribution Error. Here’s the definition from the The Psychology Wiki. In attribution theory, the fundamental attribution … Continue reading

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Locus of Control Matrix (Original discussion on this blog: Slowing Down to Better Problem Solve.) Group Entry Norming Matrix (Posted to the Netdynamics 2.0 group blog, Group Entry Schema. My colleague, Eldon, and me enter into a dialog in the … Continue reading

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For the past two years I have been researching with a colleague the following mouthful: informal, self-managed problem solving in dyadic interpersonal contexts. Okay? The research is informal and is driven by loosely coupled folk psychological theorizing about potentially productive … Continue reading

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