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Signed Cosmos In an Ambiguous Multi-verse

Deana Neubauer 20 minutes on Biosemiosis earlier on the blog Professor Soren Brier presents 90 minutes Cyber[bio]semiotics, through Bateson, Luhmann, and Peirce More Brier: Cybersemiotics: A New Foundation for Transdisciplinary Theory of Information, Cognition, Meaningful Communication the Interaction Between Nature … Continue reading

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Peirce, Luhmann, Bateson – Sign and Socios

Søren Brier, Professor of Culture and Communication Studies, Copenhagen Business School, gives a presentation as part of the University of Oregon Conference on Biosemiotics and Culture. Bonus: Professor Peter Ochs, UVa., has posted his terrific chapter from Founders of Constructive Postmodern … Continue reading

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The Precision of Imprecision

Charles Sanders Peirce Louis Menand’s capsule intellectual history of American pragmatism’s initial development, The Metaphysical Club, was an enjoyable read. But even little ol’ me could note he advanced a highly selective narrative, where he chops off C.S. Peirce’s technical … Continue reading

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