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We have created a Star Wars civilization, with Stone Age emotions — E.O.Wilson

excerpt 1:Very few species, however, have made the leap from merely social to eusocial, “eu-” meaning true. To qualify as eusocial, in Wilson’s definition, animals must live in multigenerational communities, practice division of labor and behave altruistically, ready to sacrifice … Continue reading

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Collaboration & Serendipity

I. FORTUITY [f. L. fortu‹imacbreve›t-us, f. forte by chance, f. fors chance + -ous.] That happens or is produced by fortune or chance; accidental, casual. OED Between 2005-2012, when I was researching serendipity as a decisive aspect of adult development, … Continue reading

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How This Artist Thinks II.

Congratulations, You’re the New Head of Customer Service (2015, Stephen Calhoun) Dream, actually a solid anima dream, from January 2014: People are walking through a gallery of art. I’m off to the side watching the people stop and look at … Continue reading

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Our new neighbor on the south side asked me over the fence why I liked to garden and I told her it’s not appreciably less absorbing than the sonic and visual worlds of creativity I’m devoted to. The new landscape … Continue reading

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We All Copy Together

Kirby Ferguson, integrates a number of current topics in less than 10 very concise ‘TED’ minutes. Kirby’s assumption that precursors must do concrete duty as precedent ideas is wrong. It is not always the case that some particular prior experience … Continue reading

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How Creativity Works

Okay, this presents a slim-downed version of a version of how creativity works.

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“It has been found that when the individual is “open” to all his experience, then his behavior will be creative, and his creativity may be trusted to be essentially constructive.”– Carl Rogers (Courtesy of Mikko Ahonen, from a post in … Continue reading

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The drive to share the truth that (s)he sees is the heart’s blood of every creator’s vision.–Creativity researcher, John Briggs

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A friend of mine recently afforded me the opportunity to do a project. He loaned me the compact disc set of Thelonious Monk’s London Sessions, (that I’ve long owned on LP,) and I compiled two CDs from the three discs. … Continue reading

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Dave Snowden refashions the affectual component of the transformative learning model for the sake of innovation. I have long argued that there are three necessary, but not sufficient conditions for innovation to take place. These are: 1. Starvation of familiar … Continue reading

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From NESTA FutureLab, a long report, Literature review in creativity, new technologies and learning, Avril M. Loveless, School of Education, University of Brighton about the technological support of Creativity. No short paper can do justice to a field as expansive … Continue reading

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In my trolling for items of interest, I happened upon a terrific resource, the web site of Yannis Karaliotas. He’s an explorer and scholar with very similar affinities to my own. His paper, “The Element of Play in Learning” is … Continue reading

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